Simplify your venue bookings and space management

Bookteq is the UK’s leading venue booking software used for online bookings management for a variety of spaces. From village halls, meeting rooms and community spaces, to fitness studios, and sport facilities – our software does it all.

With Bookteq you can offer customers a seamless self-service experience, save precious staff time, and increase venue bookings.

Streamline your venue’s bookings management


Bookteq’s Workspace makes it easy for venue managers to process large volumes of bookings efficiently. With block bookings, approvals, calendar scheduling, reservations, online invoicing, and payment plan features all streamlining the booking process for your venue.

Simplify the booking process for venue hirers

Online Booking + Customer Portal

Make venue bookings a breeze with Bookteq’s user-friendly Online Booking Calendar. Embed a live calendar on your website, allowing venue hirers to check availability and book online effortlessly. The Customer Portal allows venue hirers access to view and manage their bookings, make payments, access payment plans, as well as submit new booking requests online.

Enjoy increased customer convenience and more bookings, all while saving valuable staff and volunteer time.

Increase venue bookings

Playfinder integration

Increase venue bookings by seamlessly integrating with Playfinder, the UK’s leading sports and space hire marketplace. Reach a broader audience and simplify the booking process for users searching for spaces to hire.

FAQs - venue booking software

Q: Can Bookteq differentiate between different activities at the same venue?

A: Absolutely. Bookteq’s venue booking software is ideal for managing multi-purpose venues that cater to different activities at different times.

Q: What types of venues can Bookteq be used for?

A: Bookteq is designed to manage bookings for various venues and spaces, including town halls, church halls, classrooms, school halls, community centres, fitness studios, sports halls, dance studios, meeting rooms, sports pitches and courts, and any space that is available for community lettings.

How does Bookteq handle cancellations and rescheduling?

A: Bookteq provides a user-friendly interface for customers to manage cancellations and rescheduling, reducing the administrative burden on your staff.

Q: Can Bookteq help us track and manage payments for venue bookings?

A: Yes, the Bookteq Workspace is an ideal tool for staff to easily track and manage payments. While the Customer Portal allows your customers to make payments, view payment history, and access convenient payment plans for streamlined financial management.

Partners managing space bookings with Bookteq

Larne YMCA

Larne YMCA manage several of their spaces, rooms, and halls with Bookteq’s Workspace booking software. Their main hall, sports hall, committee room, and small programmes room can be booked on their website via the Bookteq online booking widget.

Watlington Parish Council

Watlington Parish Council manage their town hall, pavilion, sport facilities, and room bookings with Bookteq’s Workspace Software. These venues are also all available for the local community to hire online using Bookteq’s online booking tool or on Playfinder.

York House

York House manage a variety of halls, rooms to hire, available to the whole community for clubs, meetings, workshops, parties and events using Bookteq’s venue bookings software.

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