With Lockteq, you’re always open.

Removing barriers to access and reduce long-term overheads, without sacrificing security

Safety & Security

Lockteq provides a layer of security to your gated and caged pitches and courts, so your customers can enjoy your facilities in peace. This is achieved through the use of digitally controlled locks, which can even integrate with CCTV

Customer Convenience

By making a booking via your website or our Playfinder marketplace, your customers get a unique access code instantly

Reducing Operational Costs

As well as making you less reliant on providing staffed access for each and every booking, Lockteq can also save on energy costs by turning your floodlights on and off

How does it work?

Step 1:

Your customer makes a booking through a calendar widget, the Playfinder website or app, or by venue staff placing a booking into the Bookteq system

Step 2:

Your customer receives a booking confirmation email with a unique entry code that will be active at the time of their booking

Step 3:

Your customer arrives at the venue at the time of their booking, enter the code into the Lockteq keypad at the gate and is granted instant access to the facility

Simple Installation​​

Quick turnaround and easy set-up

Keyless Entry

Simply lock and unlock your facility with the sleek touchscreen keypad

Tamper Alarm​

The lock will sound if intruders attempt to pry the lock from the door

Timed Re-lock​

Set a timer (in seconds) to ensure the lock automatically relocks after a given time

Security Lockout Mode​

If an invalid PIN code is entered 5 times, the lock will stop operating for 1 minute

Code Activation​

Select how long an entry code is active for in relation to a booking

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