Bring your Bookings Online with Bookteq


Bring your Bookings Online with Bookteq

Tom Yorke
September 25, 2020


Bookteq is an intuitive booking system aimed at giving a digital upgrade independent sports venues, alongside increasing revenue. A product of Playfinder, Bookteq is designed for schools, councils, and sports clubs to help manage bookings and customers, and take payments online.

Not having online bookings can mean a lengthier customer journey and lower conversion rates. It also makes managing bookings more time-consuming for staff. Independent venues own 78% of the UK’s sports facilities, yet only 35% of these offer online bookings. Venues who operate with Bookteq’s Fully Managed package have seen utilisation rates surge by over 35% within a year.


Why bring your bookings online?

Making the transition to online bookings can be a hassle. There are several facility management software that lack a real understanding of venue manager requirements. Alternatively, Playfinder built Bookteq with direct input from venue managers to help them overcome tasks like processing manual bookings and dealing with cancellations.

We have witnessed first-hand on the Playfinder marketplace that slots made available online are booked at a faster rate than those that have to be processed manually.

Online bookings calendar | Bookteq

Bringing your bookings online with Bookteq will allow your staff to easily upload and edit bookings straight from the calendar. You’ll also have the option of viewing bookings for multiple different facilities across a daily or weekly view.

COVID Compliant

The uncertainty of when things will return to normal is a challenge faced by many venue managers across the country. Online bookings has become a crucial element of keeping venues compliant with government guidelines. With contactless payments, Track & Trace, and more enabled within the system, Bookteq is the perfect tool to get your facilities up and running again. Find out more about how we can help your venue comply with COVID-19 guidelines here.


Connor Daly, Lettings Manager Brighton Aldridge Community Academy –

“The calendar view is definitely much clearer and better looking than what our previous software provided!”

If you would like to learn more about how Bookteq can help your venue visit our pages for schools and universitiessports clubscommunity centres, and councils.



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