New partnership – Mumbles Community Association and Go Underhill

At Playfinder, powering Bookteq, we are passionate about connecting communities with top-quality sports and recreational facilities. That’s why we’re thrilled to be involved in the Go Underhill project, led by the Mumbles Community Association (MCA). This ambitious initiative aims to transform Underhill Park in Mumbles, Swansea, into a thriving hub for sports, recreation, and community engagement, making it a cherished asset for the local residents in Mumbles and its surrounding areas.

Mumbles Community Association: Fostering Community

Established as a Registered Charity in 2015, the Mumbles Community Association (MCA) has made it their mission to enhance the facilities at Underhill Park while ensuring its protection for the local community. Representing the interests of Mumbles and nearby areas, MCA operates with an unwavering commitment to consulting the community at every stage of development. The association envisions a park that not only provides enhanced sports facilities but also offers welcoming social spaces where people can connect and thrive together.

Go Underhill Project: Transforming Underhill Park

The Go Underhill project is a comprehensive effort to revamp Underhill Park into a multifunctional space that caters to a diverse range of needs. Backed by funding from Sport Wales, along with contributions from businesses, individuals, and local community factions, the project encompasses several key components. These encompass the construction of a new all-weather sports pitch, community café and activity space to enrich the park’s offerings. In addition, the project includes the construction of new changing rooms, public toilets, and an upgrade to the existing pavilion. The aim is to provide a platform for various sports, recreational activities, and social interactions that promote a healthy and connected community.

Go Underhill sports facilities and changing rooms
The Go Underhill community hub and changing rooms in Mumbles, Wales, is now complete.

Facility Access Amplified: Playfinder’s Online Marketplace

A pivotal task in any community project is maximising the exposure of newly upgraded facilities to the broadest audience, while also ensuring their financial sustainability for long-term success. This is where Playfinder steps in. Through our state-of-the-art online facility booking marketplace, which gets 100,000 website visits across the UK every month, we’re creating a bridge between the community and the outstanding sports and recreational resources at Underhill Park. This increased exposure not only enriches community engagement but also enhances the facility’s financial viability, ensuring that Go Underhill can flourish and remain at the centre of the Mumbles community for years to come.

Screenshot of Playfinder's sport facility booking marketplace website
Playfinder’s facility booking marketplace maximises exposure for MCA’s Go Underhill facilities

Streamlined Management: Bookteq’s Booking Solution

The success of community initiatives often hinges on the dedication of volunteers who juggle various responsibilities. With Bookteq, the operational aspect of facility management becomes significantly smoother. By implementing Bookteq’s facility booking software, the volunteers and staff at Underhill Park can bid farewell to manual administrative tasks that eat away at their valuable time – which will be better spent on engaging the community and enhancing the park’s offerings.

Bookteq’s software reduces admin and optimises bookings management for Go Underhill

Shining a Spotlight on Underhill Park: Amplifying Community Impact

One of the key aspects of our partnership is the spotlight we’re shining on Underhill Park. Through Playfinder, powering Bookteq, we’re showcasing the fantastic facilities being developed and encouraging local residents to take advantage of the opportunities available. This visibility is essential for garnering support and engagement from the wider community, including sports enthusiasts, families, and individuals seeking a place to connect and enjoy recreational activities.

Digital rendering of the world-class astroturf pitch that is currently being built at Go Underhill in Mumbles.

In a society where communal spaces play an invaluable role in fostering a sense of belonging, the Go Underhill project is a shining example of community-driven development. Mumbles Community Association’s dedication to representing the voice of the community and Playfinder, powering Bookteq’s commitment to connecting people with sports facilities make this partnership a match made in community-building heaven. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating this remarkable endeavour and embrace the opportunities that Go Underhill will soon offer to the vibrant community of Mumbles and beyond.

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