Bookteq partners with 26 new schools, improving access to sport

We’re excited to announce that Bookteq has partnered with another 26 new schools, improving access to sport for 26 communities while saving precious staff time and generating additional income for the schools! Increasing the number of venues in cities where Bookteq already has a presence such as Manchester and Liverpool, this launch has expanded our reach into some areas of the UK for the first time such as Halifax and Chesterfield. Find out more about how these new partnerships benefits the schools and their local communities below. 

Improving access to sport for local communities

These 26 schools that have partnered with Bookteq powered by Playfinder, have already started to increase accessibility to sport for 26 different communities. As mentioned in our whitepaper on Opening School Facilities, with every single venue that gets added onto a digital platform, accessibility increases. Every facility added increases the number of venues available to easily and conveniently book – giving everyone more choice and opportunity to get out, be active and PLAY!

Saving staff time, and generating additional revenue

From online bookings and payments, to booking approvals, Bookteq automates time-consuming school lettings admin, saving precious staff time. Before joining Bookteq, the group of schools had labour-intensive, manual processes to manage their bookings. The team would process the payments and take bookings over the phone or via email, as well as managing access to the facilities themselves. 

Our fully managed, Bookteam service is also helping the schools to; manage all incoming enquiries, bookings and renewals, all invoices, debtors, and payment plans. All the while minimising staffing costs by managing booking administration and access, without compromising security. And lastly, reaching a larger audience of school facility hirers and generating additional income through Playfinder.

List of new Bookteq school partners

List of schools

We’d like to finish by thanking the following 26 schools who recently joined us and for choosing Bookteq as their trusted online facility booking partner;

ATAM Academy, Lostock High School, St. Mary’s Catholic High School, Atherton High School, St. Thomas More RC College, Alder Community High School, Atherton Sacred Heart RC Primary School, Liverpool Life Sciences UTC, North Liverpool Academy, The Academy of St. Nicholas, Whittington Green School, Outwood Academy Newbold, Tupton Hall School, The Halifax Academy, Park Lane Academy, Trinity Academy Sowerby Bridge, The Crossley Heath School, Tibshelf Community School, Shirebrook Academy, Vision West Nottinghamshire


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