Sports Facility Management Software Increases Revenue

Are you looking for ways to increase your venues revenues?

Bookteq sports facility management software can help you to save time, increase utilisation and as a result, Bookteq increases revenue. Whether you are a:

Bookteq facility management software can aid you in maximising revenue.

How Bookteq can save you time?

Bookteq premium sports facility management offers a range of features that can help staff save time. Bookteq offers a dynamic Booking calendar. This will help easily manage bookings across multiple facilities which should avoid mistakes like double bookings or missing cancellations.

Tired of continuously chasing or creating invoices? Bookteq sports facility management software offers Automated invoicing, meaning you will never need to worry about missing or chasing a payment again.

Find yourself wasting time trying to learn something yourself or other software queries? Our dedicated Operations team will be on hand to assist you in offering Customer Support just a phone call away.

Increase utilisation?

 Bookteq’s is powered by Playfinder. Playfinder is the largest online booking portal for sports facilities. After 5 years of learning the needs of Venue, Council, School, Park and University facilities managers with Playfinder we built our very own sports facility management software. Signing up to Bookteq will give your venue presence on Playfinder’s website and app where thousands of sports players look to book each month. This will maximise your venues awareness another way Bookteq increases revenue.

Bookteq offers CRM emails. This will allow you to send automated booking confirmation to users booking your venue with personalised branding. Looking to increase retention? Perhaps use this tool to send a reminder to the customer booking for the next time they look to play.

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