Why Bookteq is perfect for managing sports facilities


Why Bookteq is perfect for managing sports facilities

February 11, 2021



Managing sports facilities can often be a lengthy task, especially when doing so manually. Over the past year, we have watched more and more venue managers look to online booking systems. You might ask why? The pandemic has tasked venue managers to operate with less staff, due to the furlough scheme. Not only this but habits have changed. Where many might have previously looked to ring up and play, more people are now looking to pre-book sports facilities online.

This is where Bookteq comes in. Bookteq is the all in one management solution for sports facilities and spaces. On top of this, Bookteq is a product of Playfinder, the largest online marketplace for sports facilities in the UK. Signing up to Bookteq would grant your venue access to thousands of Playfinder users looking to book sports facilities.

Managing my tennis courts & football pitches

Gone are the days of having to manage just one tennis court. Venue managers now find themselves managing multiple bookings for a number of courts. The process can get sticky when someone cancels a slot or enquires more than once for the same court booking.

Subscribing to Bookteq grants you access to a dynamic booking calendar. The booking calendar stores information centrally across multiple facilities. So if you have multiple tennis courts to look after, you will be able to manage them all across one online calendar!

Aligned with tennis courts, football pitches can also get complicated to manage. With many venues deciding to break up their 11-a-side pitches to allow for smaller sided games e.g. 5 or 7 a-side football. Dissecting the pitch can become tricky when taking on multiple bookings across different times. Bookteq was designed to help solve the lengthy processes like this and cut out human error.

As mentioned above, the booking calendar can make situations like these seem effortless. The cascading feature displays bookings so they are easy to view and change (shown below). The ability to view bookings across multiple facilities can help avoid common errors such as double bookings and or cancellations.

Bookteq calendar

“The calendar view is definitely much clearer and better looking than what our previous software provided!” Connor Daly, Lettings Manager at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

Block booking for your sports facilities

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the importance of block bookings. Managing multiple tennis courts or football pitches is hard enough without trying to manually upload 12 weeks of a block booking. With Bookteq the process is simple. See the short video below on making a block booking.

Pricing my sports facilities 

Altering prices for your courts and pitches can be time-consuming. The vast majority of venues offer peak & off-peak slots and uploading the different costs across these timings is tedious.

The Bookteq price scheme allows you to set your prices across all facilities for days of the week and times of the day (as shown below).

Bookteq price schemes

If you would like to see the other features Bookteq has to offer click here.

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