Hockey Pitch Cost in 2024

Building a hockey pitch in the UK is an investment that requires careful consideration. From the turf to lighting and amenities, this blog explores the factors influencing the cost of constructing a high-quality hockey pitch to help you plan and budget effectively.

women playing a hockey game on an artificial grass pitch
Artificial hockey pitches, although pricier than their grass counterparts, have become the preferred choice for hockey enthusiasts worldwide, thanks to their unparalleled ability to facilitate lightning-fast gameplay and pinpoint ball control.

Hockey pitch cost

If you’re planning to construct your first hockey pitch or expand on your existing sports facilities, it’s important to have an initial cost estimate. According to Sport England’s facility cost guide, the development of an artificial grass pitch (AGP) for hockey, measuring 101.4m x 63.0m, typically ranges between £860,000 and £915,000, depending on the type of finishing surface you choose. For example, a 23 mm sand-filled pitch will cost less than an 18 mm sand-dressed pitch.

This hockey pitch cost estimate includes the artificial pitch itself, fencing, and floodlighting. It’s worth noting that these costs cover the complete construction and development of the facilities. Including allowances for external works like car parks, roads, paths, and services connections. Additionally, the estimate encompasses fees related to project management, site investigation, planning, and associated expenses. 

aerial shot of two hockey pitches
The cost to build a 101.4m x 63.0m hockey pitch with a fence and floodlights typically ranges between £860,000 and £915,000

Additional costs to consider

Life cycle costs

Once you have budgeted for the construction of your hockey pitch, it is crucial to account for annual maintenance costs. These costs, expressed as a percentage of the total project cost per year, encompass the sinking fund and maintenance expenses for a full-size hockey pitch. 

3G pitch maintenance costs are estimated at 3% of the project cost*, which amounts to approximately £25,800 per year based on £860,000. It is allocated to cover significant replacement expenditures, routine repairs, and planned preventive maintenance of the 101.4m x 63.0m hockey pitch, fencing, and floodlights. 

*If your organisation places a strong emphasis on minimising annual expenses, you may want to explore the option of padel or tennis courts, which come with maintenance costs amounting to approximately 1.6% of the total project cost. 

Astroturf pitch with line markings for field hockey

Security for gated hockey pitch

When budgeting for a hockey pitch, consider not only the fencing costs but also the addition of enhanced security measures for your facility. One potential option is Lockteq, a digital smart access system. Lockteq offers enhanced security while also minimising long-term overheads. For the one-time hardware and labour cost of implementing Lockteq, an additional amount of £3,000 (excluding VAT) should be factored into the overall cost of your pitch.

Facility letting management

While the initial cost of developing a hockey pitch can be substantial, a high-quality facility has the potential to yield a significant return on investment. To ensure a return on investment for your new hockey pitch, it’s crucial to maximise its income-generating potential. One way to achieve is through community lettings. Take into account the option of utilising Bookteq, a user-friendly software specifically designed for booking sports facilities and activities. Bookteq will help you to effortlessly hire out your hockey facilities, saving you time on admin and generating additional income. 

If you are interested in renting out your hockey pitch but lack the time or sufficient staff resources, you may want to consider Bookteam. Bookteam is a dedicated team of venue hire specialists who can provide support with various tasks. Such as managing bookings and payments, handling renewals and outstanding debts, as well as offering customer service and communication assistance.

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